Guest Computer Access Solution

Looking for hassle free, secure and user-friendly guest computer access? Then consider our dependable computer access software and operating system. In our 10 year history, we've NEVER experienced a single virus infection on any of our guest access stations - The most reliable and secure computer access solution for your guests...guaranteed!

Looking for an additional revenue stream by providing a user-pay comprehensive guest computer station?

Do you want to provide your guests with FREE (complimentary) computer access?

Whatever your requirements may be, Hotelicom has the perfect solution for you. A TimeCard based system will allow you to sell guests re-usable time that works at many locations throughout North America and Europe. And an AccessCode-based system will allow you to give FREE access codes to your guests (with any denomination of time) to ensure fair usage and availability for everyone. We even have a Hybrid solution that will enable you to charge some (conference attendees, non-hotel guests) and provide complimentary access to your most loyal - guests.

Hotelicom can help provide your hotel with the most reliable and secure guest computer access available.

With the Hotelicom solution, you'll never look back! We guarantee it with a ZERO-RISK satisfaction guarantee. Read Case Studies and Testimonials from your colleagues.