InfoScreen DS (digital signage) - Product Comparison

Content Lite Full
Supports Full HD Media High Definition capable for best quality impression yes yes
Supports Windows Movie Maker Files Create and display custom videos on Infoscreen yes yes
Supports Video & Image Playback Display full-motion video or photo ads, messages, multiple formats supported yes yes
Display Live Cable TV Program size and length of local TV programs you want to display no yes
Display Video Surveliance Cameras Show secruity feeds from your security cameras no yes
Content Creation Service Hotelicom will create customized screen content as per your request optional optional
Advanced Multi-level Screen/Location/User Management Manage multiple screens in multiple locations with multiple users no yes
File Manager Manage your content and media files in your own Private Media Folders yes yes
Web based administration tool Modify Infoscreen content from any computer with an Internet Connection yes yes
Multiple Screens Can display same content on multiple screens throughout location yes yes
Generate Additional Revenue Profit centric, industry-related, paid advertising - Administered by Hotelicom no yes
Multi-Screen Management Managing multiple screens in a single location with a single user no yes
Flexbile Playlists Schedule content to autmatically play & expire for time of day/week.
Modify playlist order on the fly.
yes yes
Online Media Creator Build your own advertisments online, modify fonts, images, video, etc no yes
Group Content & File Sharing Use layouts, content & ads already created by other Industry-related users optional optional
Customized Layouts Choose from a list of layouts that work for your Hotel or create your own no yes
Grid Elements Upload Excel list to display special information on portion of InfoScreen no yes
Live Weather Forecast Display current and long range local weather forecasts from Environment Canada no yes
Full screen mode Display video, TV, or images in full screen mode for optimum impression no yes
Multi-Simultaneous Media Players Display Live TV or Videos & Advertise Amenities at the same time yes yes
Automatic Live News Feed Live CBC News Marquee, other news options available yes yes
Custom/Blended News Marquee Create your own custom messages & blend them in with actual news marquee no yes
Email support Contact us online or by email for support issues yes yes
Online training videos Learn how to use features with simple-to-use online training videos yes yes
Community Support Forum Post & read best practices, support questions, product reviews & feature requests yes yes
24/7/365 Remote Monitoring Receive an alert by mobile phone, email or SMS in the event that your InfoScreen fails no yes
Professional Tech Support Phone support, remote login & training, etc. no yes
InfoScreen Player + unlimited replacement warranty No need to purchase equipment or worry about failure optional optional
Storage Limits
Upload Limit for Images 2mb unlimited
Upload Limit for Videos 25mb unlimited
Total Storage Space 250mb unlimited