a helpful new web app inspired by Hoteliers

MemoCue manages date-sensitive obligations including contracts, pricing agreements, licenses, leases, and insurance. It reminds you when to cancel, re-sign or renegotiate with suppliers

It can track expiry dates of all your contracts and sends automatic notifications prior to expiry – you’ll never have the hassle of unwanted auto-renewing contracts. And that’s piece of mind!

For a limited time, MemoCue Pro is available for only $299/year.

  • Quick convenient access from anywhere
  • Online document management, with access in digital format (PDF, DOC, JPG, etc.)
  • Expiry reminders can automatically send to multiple email addresses
  • Set custom reminders for each contract entry, some 30 days prior to expiry, and others more or less
  • Option to send supplemental reminders via SMS (Text Message) to mobile phone(s)
  • Export your list to Excel
  • Custom reporting

"Where was MemoCue when we were a few days late in renewing our liquor licences, it could have saved us thousands”       Craig Prystay, President, RPB Hotels and Resorts.

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